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Why Do I Pay A Royalty Fee?


The first point to make about Royalties is that good Franchise systems should look at them not as a payment but rather as a remittance. It is the Franchisor’s share of the income derived from customers or clients. The Franchisee collects that fee along with all other revenues from the customer.

It’s an important concept because it emphasizes that the customer ultimately pays for everything, including the Franchisor’s royalty, the Franchisee’s overhead, all costs of sales, employee’s salaries, and the Franchisee’s profit. Therefore it’s all about the customer – as it should be.

The Franchisee should want the Franchisor to earn a significant amount of royalties because that’s really the oil that makes the engine run. Each Franchisee collects and remits a small portion of that oil to the Franchisor. All elements of the system can continue to improve as long as the royalty stream is strong.

The Franchisor’s royalty will be based on the fact that they have provided a system and strategy that has ultimately served the customer. The Franchisee delivers that system to that customer. The royalty fee represents the Franchisor’s share based on the various parts of the Franchise system, which has four elements… more

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