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We are Ontario Registrants and Brokers with a geographic focus. At ProClient Brokers, our business brokerage team is dedicated to helping business people selling or acquiring businesses. Owing a business with success is having a well thought out exit strategy. more

Real Estate Services

We are small but efficient brokerage located in Milton, ON. We provide residential and commercial real estate buying and selling services with innovative solutions to our clients. ProClient Brokers service Toronto and Area. Contact us for all your property needs


Wanted Investors – Lenders


Investors and Lenders For Financing Projects

ProFunding Financial Services Inc., a FSCO Registered Mortgage Brokerage Is Looking For Investor/s and/or Lender/s for financing It’s Client’s first mortgages on tangible properties in Toronto Area and Ontario. The Applicants Are of Different Portfolios And Amounts Required For Financing Is From Few Hundred Thousand To Many Million Dollars. Call Alam For Confidential Interview At 647 999 2171.

Recently, traditional investment options like the stock market have failed to provide the stability and financial returns investors desire. At times, such investments have even proved downright unstable – collapsing or dwindling before ever making good on the promise of return on investment. In the midst of falling stock prices and failing banks, a more reliable alternative for investors must emerge. A current, extremely viable investment alternative to traditional options is Private Mortgage Investments…. read more


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