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We are Ontario Registrants and Brokers with a geographic focus. At ProClient Brokers, our business brokerage team is dedicated to helping business people selling or acquiring businesses. Owing a business with success is having a well thought out exit strategy. more

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We are small but efficient brokerage located in Milton, ON. We provide residential and commercial real estate buying and selling services with innovative solutions to our clients. ProClient Brokers service Toronto and Area. Contact us for all your property needs


Career in Selling Businesses with ProClient Brokers


(Job: BB101)

Find out how to become a ProClient Business Broker

As baby boomers will be retiring in next decade or so, who own large number of privately held companies, will increase business selling activities. It means millions of privately-held businesses stand to change hands creating enormous business opportunities for Business Brokers in North America to assist them. Most of these owners don’t have exit plan in place. This scenario gives an idea of the future potential of the Business Broker Services and future of Career in selling businesses.


If you plan to adopt a career of Selling Businesses and are ready to do what it takes, then we offer you:

  • Custom Joining and Commission Package
  • Help in obtaining Industry Certifications
  • Career Success Program in place
  • Full Broker support and training
  • Supportive Work Environment – Work from office, home, anywhere
  • Availability of Marketing Tools

What Minimum We Expect from You:

  • Either you are or in the process of becoming Ontario Registrant.
  • You have business background or experience
  • You live and work in Toronto Area, Ontario
  • You understand that your remuneration is dependent on your hard work.
  • Positive attitude and desire to succeed.
  • Ambitious/Hard Working
  • Willing to Learn

To know more about career of selling business, CLICK HERE, or call Alam, 416 364 5550 or eContact us today for confidential meeting.

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